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The Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale

FDAS Online Survey

You may take the FDAS online NOW! There is no obligation. Take the test and we will email you your results with an explanation. Take the FDAS Now for only $4.85.


Developed by Dr. Bruce Fisher, The Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale (FDAS) consists of 100 statements reflecting common feelings and attitudes of people who have ended or are ending a love relationship. The results reveal the strong and weak areas of adjusting to the loss of the relationship and are profiled in these seven aspects;

  • Self-worth
  • Emotional disentanglement
  • Dissipation of anger
  • Level of grief
  • Openness to social intimacy
  • Social self-worth
  • Adjusting to the end of the relationship

In the Rebuilding Seminar, the questions are answered at the beginning and then again at end of the program. By the end of the course, participants typically show marked improvement in nearly every aspect measured by the Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale.

Here are some sample questions. The responses to choose from are:

1) almost always, 2) usually, 3) sometimes, 4) seldom, 5) almost never

  1. I am lonely.
  2. I feel rejected by many of the friends I had when I was in the love relationship.
  3. I am unable to control my emotions.
  4. I have trouble sleeping.
  5. I have really made a mess of my life.
  6. I have romantic feelings for my former love partner.
  7. I feel capable of facing and dealing with my problems.
  8. I feel comfortable going by myself to a public place such as a movie.
  9. I am the type of person I would like to have as a friend.
  10. I feel like I am going crazy.
  11. I want to be with people but I am emotionally distant.